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How to Choose the Configuration and Model of A forklift ?

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Update time : 2021-11-19 17:13:40
At present, forklifts are widely used in many industries, and there are more and more types of forklifts, so they will lose their direction in the choice. Then how do we choose the model and configuration of the forklift? Then we must start from the following three aspects:

Homework function:
The basic operation functions of forklifts are divided into horizontal handling, stacking/picking, loading/unloading, and picking. According to the operational functions that the enterprise wants to achieve, it can be preliminarily determined from the models described above. In addition, special operating functions will affect the specific configuration of the forklift, such as paper rolls, barrels, etc., which require the forklift to install forklift attachments to complete the special functions.

Work requirements:
The operating requirements of forklifts include general requirements such as pallet or cargo specifications, lifting height, operating channel width, and gradeability. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider operating efficiency (different models have different efficiency), operating habits (such as habitual driving or standing driving), etc. Requirements.

Operating environment:
If the company needs to move goods or the warehouse environment has environmental protection requirements such as noise or exhaust emissions, it should be considered when selecting models and configurations. If it is in a cold storage or in an environment with explosion-proof requirements, the configuration of the forklift should also be cold storage or explosion-proof. Carefully examine the locations that the forklift needs to pass through, and imagine possible problems, such as whether the door height affects the forklift when entering and exiting the warehouse; when entering and exiting the elevator, the elevator height and load capacity affect the forklift; when working upstairs, the floor load Whether it meets the corresponding requirements.
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