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7 Problems that Electric Forklifts Need to Pay Attention to When Starting and Driving

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Update time : 2021-11-19 14:33:19
With the popularity of electric forklifts, electric forklifts are now increasingly sought after by heavy industries. Electric forklift is a kind of loading and unloading machinery that can effectively combine horizontal transportation and vertical lifting. It has comprehensive functions such as loading and unloading, lifting and transportation. It has the advantages of high work efficiency, convenient operation and use, and flexibility. Forklifts are very useful. Forklifts are also extremely versatile. Electric forklifts are small storage, loading, unloading and transportation vehicles. What should you pay attention to when starting and driving? The following is shared by HITOP forklift suppliers:

1. The driver should observe and clean up the site and passage before starting to make it suitable for the operation of electric forklifts.

2. When the electric forklift starts, turn on the electric lock, turn off the emergency switch, turn the direction switch position, and sound, start slowly and gradually accelerate, and it is strictly prohibited to start quickly to prevent excessive current from burning the motor.

3. The electric forklift shall not be driven at low speed for a long time during the driving, and the empty vehicle shall be allowed to be used as a heavy vehicle.

4. Don't turn the direction switch at will when the electric forklift is driving. Only when the forklift is stopped, can it turn. Try to avoid emergency braking. If you encounter an emergency, pull down the switch and stop immediately.

5. The electric forklift should honk when starting or turning, and slow down when going downhill, turning or crossing aisles. Safety is the first priority.

6. The electric forklift is driving on the right side of the road. When two forklifts are driving at the same time, the distance between the front and rear should be more than 2M.

7. In order to extend the life of the battery of electric forklifts, the walking motor and the oil pump must not work at the same time. Summary: The material handling of most companies nowadays has broken away from the original manual handling, and replaced by forklift-based mechanized handling. Undoubtedly, it has increased work efficiency and saved labor costs. It is a "good helper" for heavy industry manufacturers.

HITOP forklift is a famous forklift brand in china. Its perfect technical level, excellent quality standards, safety-oriented human-vehicle design, innovative ability and a series of classic forklift models are commendable. The company's main business: 1-5 tons of electric forklifts, 1-5 tons of diesel forklifts, Gasoline & LPG Forklifts.
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