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Semi Electric Pallet Stacker

Item No.: 00139
It adopts quality hydraulic pupm station, strong power, match large capacity of traction battery, durable in use. C type forming steel door frame which is made of high quality carbon steel is biggest security.
  • Rated Load1-3.5Ton
  • Lifting Height1-3.5m
  • Fork Length910/1150mm
  • Fork Width340/1000mm
  • Description Review
    1-3.5Ton Semi Electric pallet stacker

    Main Features:
    Semi electric stacker is specially designed for in narrow and limited space, which suitable for plant operation movement and stacking of material where the distance of transportation is short. Easy handling and maintenance are the most attractive features of it. And it is economic price.
    - Capacity: 1000~2000kg, with lift height 1600-3500mm
    - Lift Up/down by battery & manual driving
    - High-powered hydraulic pump, fast and powerful
    - It is used heavily in diverse material handling application
    - These stackers are primarily used in warehouse and stores for the stacking purpose
    - It is used in a wide range of industries on a day to day basis

    Product specifications:
    Model CBD16 CBD20 CBD25 CBD30 CBD35
    Drive mode Walk Behind Drive Walk Behind Drive Walk Behind Drive Walk Behind Drive Walk Behind Drive
    Total height 2080MM 1580MM 1850MM 2080MM 2330MM
    Lifting height 1600MM 2000MM 2500MM 3000MM 3500MM
    Fork minimum height 90MM 90MM 90MM 90MM 90MM
    Fork outer width 700/1000MM 700/1000MM 700/1000MM 700/1000MM 700/1000MM
    Charger 12V/15AH 12V/15AH 12V/15AH 12V/15AH 12V/15AH
    Lifting motor 12V/1.6KW 12V/1.6KW 12V/1.6KW 12V/1.6KW 12V/1.6KW
    Total length 1700MM 1700MM 1700MM 1700MM 1700MM
    Rated load 1000-2000KG 1000-2000KG 1000-2000KG 1000-2000KG 1000-2000KG
    Fork length 1100MM 1100MM 1100MM 1100MM 1100MM
    Battery 12V/120AH 12V/120AH 12V/120AH 12V/120AH 12V/120AH
    Vehicle weight 350-390KG 400-450KG 470-495KG 490-500KG 520-540KG


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