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Electric Forklift CPD08

Item No.: CPD08
CPD08 Electric Forklift
  • Rated Lifting Capacity750KG
  • Lifting Height2500MM
  • Load Center300MM
  • Min. Truning Radius1200MM
  • Battery Voltage48V
  • Battery Capacity140AH
  • Drive ModeBattery
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    Description Review
    Product Features

    Environment friendly
    1. Zero emission, no pollution
    2. Low noise, quiet, comfortable operation
    3. Energy efficiency, super low cost power consumption
    4. Professional matching design of vehicle components, with the use of AC controlling renewable energy technologies, the forklift is more energy-saving, and working hour of the battery life is extended by about 10%~15%.

    High reliability
    1. Both driving and pump motors are maintenance-free AC motors brushless. (CPD20, CPD25, CPD30);
    2. International famous brand electric motor controller (SANTROLL, CURTIS, INMOTION, ZAPI, etc.), which is superior in intelligence.
    3. Long operational life.
    4. Powerful lead acid battery. ( Optional lithium battery)
    5. Standard with solid tires.

    Simpler maintenance
    1. Equipped with a large-screen LCD display instrument, which can intuitively display the vehicle running status, with fault display and disoperation alarm functions;
    2. Remove the rear cover of the counterweight, and you can directly inspect the electrical control

    Human comfort operation
    1. Standard steering wheel start steering function to reduce steering operation steps;
    2. A wide-view mast is standard to enhance the driving experience, and the mast and hose pulley are more compact;
    3. The large arc top guard and the grid frame with better angle increase the driver's upper field of vision.
    4. Optimized battery layout and counterweight design to increase rear vision;
    5. The operating space under the foot increases, the accelerator pedal area increases, and the brake pedal area increases.

    High safety
    1. Tailless body structure, low center of gravity and high lateral stability;
    2. The rear axle rotation point is set high to improve the lateral stability of the vehicle;
    3. Intelligent deceleration turning design, improve the stability of vehicle during travelling to avoid rolling and tipping argo.
    4. Automatic adaptation of deceleration ramp feature is available in our electric forklift trucks. It assists in prevention of over voltage fault, in case the user has set the deceleration ramp value very low for the high inertia applications, by automatically adapting the deceleration ramp.

    Product specifications
    Model Unit CPD08
    Power type   Battery
    Rated load KG 500-750
    Load center distance mm 300
    Driving type   Seat
    Length With fork    LI         mm 2040
    Without fork  L2 1400
    Whole Width              B 800
    Height Overall height
    (mast lowered)    
    Overall height to overhead guard               
    Overall height
    (mast extend)                
    Distance from seat to top light   L3 970
    Wheel  base         L4 860
    Front overhang        Y 300
    Back overhang         L5 290
    Front wheel tread     R 700
    Back wheel tread      P 668
    Min Floor clearance    F 90
    Max lifting height      H 2500
    Free lifting height      H4 80
    Fork  changing        S 703/190
    Min Turning radius      WA 1200
     Min Right angle aisle width   RA 2400
    Frame angle   a/β ° 6°/12°
    Max  lifting speed without goods mm/s 400
    Max lifting speed with full  goods 350
    Max speed without goods Km/h 13
    Max speed with full goods 12
    Max climbing angle 10
    Whole weight Kg 1100
    Number of wheels   2x/2
    Tyre type (Front/Rear)   Solid tyre
    Front Tyre   15x4 1/2-8
    Rear Tyre   3.50-5
    Hand Brake   Hydraulic Pedal
    Brake  type   M-Hand
    Battery Volt/ capacity V/Ah 4X12V/140
    Driving motor power Kw 3.0AC
    Oil pump motor power 3.0AC
    Container loading plan (numbers) 20GP 7
    40HQ 16


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