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4WD Rough Terrain Diesel Forklift 3T

Item No.: 00135
  • Rated Lifting Capacity3000KG
  • Lifting Height3-6M
  • Load Center500mm
  • Engine Model498BT1
  • Description Review
    Product Features

    1. Adopt full hydraulic steering mechanism, flexible and light steering.
    2. Adopt a stronger gantry structure to improve the rigidity of the gantry and further enhance the durability of the gantry.
    3. The tilting cylinder is placed under the bottom plate to increase the footstep space of the bottom plate and make the angle of the bottom plate more comfortable.
    4. The hood has a large opening angle, and the left and right hood side plates are removable for easy maintenance.
    5. Famous Xinchai diesel engine or Japanese ISUZU diesel engine (optional), good starting performance, low fuel consumption, large torque reserve, strong power.
    6. The transmission system (gearbox) is available with mechanical transmission or hydraulic transmission to meet the needs of different users.
    7.A short distance to ground (270mm) enables a very low centre of gravity, boosting manoeuvrability and helping to keep the truck moving in the toughest applications. 

    Product Specification
    Hitop 3Ton Rough Terrain Forklift
    Model CPCD30R
    Feature Power   Diesel
    Rated load Kg 3000
    Load center mm 500
    Standard lifting height mm 3000
    Mast tilt angle Deg 5°/15°
    Front overhang mm 545
    Wheel base mm 1850
    Wheel base (front/rear) mm 1250/1205
    Performance Driving brake   Hydraulic pedal
    Paking brake   Mechanical manual
    Lifting speedFull load mm/s 450
    Lower speed mm/s full load600,without full load300
    Driving speedunload Km/h 23
    Max.grade abilityFull load % 17
    Power and transmission Engine Model   498BT1
    Manufacturer   xinchai
    Rated power Kw/r 42/2650
    Max. torque Nm/r 174/1800
    Fuel tank capacity L 2.98
    Battery Voltage V 12
    Battery capacity Ah 80
    Transmission Transmission system   Hydraulic
    Gearfront/rear   /
    Tyre Type   Pneumatic Tyre
    model front   12-16.5-14PR
    rear   27x10-12-12PR
    Others Service Weight Kg 4600
    Fork Installation level   B
    Thickness x Width x Length mm 45x122x1070
    Dimension Overall Length mm 2960
    Overall Width mm 1550
    Overall Height Overall Height
    Mast extend
    mm 4730
    Overall Height
    Mast lowered
    mm 2350
    Overall Height
    to overhead guard
    mm 2210
    Min. turning radius   mm 2910
    Min. ground clearance Mast   mm 220
    Midpoint of the wheelbase   mm 310


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